PKRA/Cabarete Banreservas Kiteboarding Worldcup 2003


Cabarete Kiteboarding World competition

(June 24, 2003-Cabarete, Dominican Republic)- The circus has come to town, the veritable "who's who" in the sport of kiteboarding have descended on the windy, sandy shores of Cabarete Beach. Amongst the world's elite riders are numerous fresh new competitors, hoping to have the golden opportunity at experiencing the adrenaline thrills that a professional World Tour event offers, along with the chance at $36,000 in Prize monies!

Today marked the end of registration and the start into the Trials ladders for 52 Men and 17 Women. 16 open slots are at stake for the Men's Main Freestyle event, and 8 slots for the Women's. New to this event is a 'Dingle' format in the Trials. Previously, a Single Elimination ladder was used, whereby in the first round of competition four people competed against each other with only two advancing, immediately eliminating the other two. In the Dingle ladder the competitors are ranked 1-4, with the 1st place winner of the heat advancing to the 3rd round and the 2nd and 3rd place competitors competing 'man on man' against other 2nd and 3rd place winners respectively from another heat in round 2, with the immediate disqualification of the 4th ranked rider. This format will require 32 heats for the Men and 6 heats for the Women to determine those advancing into the Main Event.

The 16 pre-seeded riders and wildcard participants for the Men's 32 Main field are:
Martin Vari ARG Cabrinha
Adam Koch USA Naish
Jaime Herraiz ESP North
Will James USA North
Mark Shinn UK Naish
Abel Lago ESP Naish
Andre Phillip ANT Cabrinha
David Tyburski USA RRD
Mark Doyle USA Slingshot
Sky Solbach USA Gaastra
Steve Kellner UK Slingshot
Aaron Hadlow UK Flexifoil
WC Luciano Gonzales DR Takoon
WC Jose Luis Ciriacco DR Gaastra
WC Nelson Beaton DR
WC Francisco Mandez DR

The 8 pre-seeded riders and wildcards into the Women's Main field of 16 are:
Cindy Mosey NZ North
Ingrid Kollbichler AUT
Claire Bunton UK Takoon
Kristin Boese GER RRD
Petra Goeschl GER
Fiona Wedenig SUI Slingshot
WC Susanne Mai GER Gaastra
WC Daphnee Laliberte CAN

The first round of both the Men's and Women's Trials ladders were completed today in side-onshore 18-22 knot winds. Advancing into the Women's Main event so far:
Julie Prochaska-Gilbert USA Cabrinha
Laurence Lingnieres FRA
Fabienne D'Ortoli FRA Cabrinha
Andrea Wharry UK Flexifoil

Scheduled for tomorrow (June 25), a skippers meeting at 10:30am, with a possible start towards the finalization of the Trials, at 11am.