PKRA/Cabarete Banreservas Kiteboarding Worldcup 2003


Jose Luis Ciriaco (Dominican Republic)

(June 30, 2003-Cabarete, Dominican Republic)- Going into overtime, like a party you can't stop, Kitexcite Hotel put up an additional $1,000 for an Expression Session held downwind of Cabarete, at a well known wave spot Encuentro. 18 Men and 5 Women rose to the occasion to compete in light stable winds with a 3-4 foot swell running.

Encuentro is tucked along an undeveloped coastline with beautiful scenery, a welcome spot after the 6 days on the well-packed beaches of town. The PA had music pumping and everyone relaxed into the groove and soul of wave riding. Scoring was based on each rider's best wave and then on the average of one's two best wave rides in the Finals. Emphasis was on true wave performance, and only the tricks that lent to 'the ride' were considered in Judging.

Four 12-minute Men's heats dropped down to two 12-minute heats, and then a 15-minute Final with four men was run. There was only one 12-minute heat for the Women.

Advancing into the Mens' Semi-Finals were:
Ben Meyer USA Naish
Jose Carneiro BRA Takoon
Jose Luis Ciriaco DR Gaastra
Jaime Herraiz ESP North
Martin Vari ARG Cabrinha
Chris Gilbert USA Naish
Alex Aguera USA Nasih
Malik Bouchenafa ALG F-One

Advancing into the Finals:
Jaime Herraiz ESP North
Chris Gilbert USA Naish
Alex Aguera USA Nasih
Malik Bouchenafa FRA F-One


Smiles abounded as the Caribbean wove its magic and decompressed the stress from competition. The Expression Session was over all to soon, as the sun set behind wild groves of coco trees.

Winners in the Men's Wave Expression Session are:
1st Chris GILBERT USA Naish
3rd Alex AGUERA USA Naish
4th Jaime HERRAIZ ESP North

Julie Gilbert (USA)

Winners in the Women's Wave Expression Session:
1st Julie GILBERT USA Cabrinha
2nd Fabienne D'ORTOLI FRA Cabrinha
3rd Rebecca WOLTHERS USA Gaastra

Winners from yesterdays Best Trick contest are:

Men's Best Trick Winners:
1st Martin VARI ARG Cabrinha - Slim Chance with Double Handle-Pass
2nd Andre PHILLIP ANT Cabrinha -313
3rd Mark DOYLE USA Slingshot -720 Mobe
4th Mark SHINN UK Naish - Mobe with Kite-loop

Women's Best Trick Winners:
1st Cindy MOSEY NZL North -Toe side Raley to surface Handle-Pass
2nd Claire BUNTON UK Takoon -720 Powered Kite-Loop
3rd Ingrid KOLLBICHLER AUT -720 Kite loop

Today concluded the 2003 PKRA Cabarete World Tour event! Next up, Fuerteventura Spain July 23-27th!

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