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Wind and Weather in Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Note that the wind in Puerto Plata is always weaker than in Cabarete.
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    The Wind: The trade winds with thermals make for strong and consistent winds. The wind blows easterly, which gives Cabarete perfect side-onshore kiting conditions most of the time. Generally in the morning there is little to no wind. At 11AM wind is usually good for beginners. At around 12:30 - 1:30 the thermals kick in and make the wind a lot stronger reaching its strogest at about 4PM. At around 6PM the wind dies off.


    8 days out of 10 are good for kiteboarding most time of the year.

    In 2002 Cabarete had 295 kitable days with 247 days with over 11 knots.

    In 2001 there were 292 kitable days with 254 days with over 11 knots.

    In 2000 we had 274 and in 1999 we had 282 kitable days.

    January - April: Winter

  • Average kite size: 13.5m2 - 15.5m2 surface area
  • Good and consistent wind, averaging 15-20 MPH (24-32 km/h, 13-17 knots).
  • Waves and chop can be challenging during this time.
  • Great wave sailing out on the break at Kitebeach, and at Encuentro Beach.
  • June - September: Summer

  • Average kite size: 11.5m2 - 13.5m2 surface area
  • Fantastic flat waters.
  • June, July and August: Greatest winds, averaging 15-25 MPH (24-40 km/h, 13-22 knots) side shore.
  • Not always the greatest months:

    The thing about Cabarete is that one never really knows. The months that are on average over many years considered not so good like May, October and November could this year be the best of all. Usually, you can always catch a few good days whenever you come. There is, however, on average the least amount of wind in October and November until the end of December when Santa Claus brings Cabarete's annual gift: Lots of WIND.

    Water conditions:

    The water temperature is always about a comfy 26°C (79°F) so you don't ever really need a wetsuit (but it does provide some protection against bruises though).

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